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I'm a pet in a D/s relationship with a Master who calls me His puppycat.
This blog will be a collection of things that interest me,
including my musings on D/s, sexuality, fashion, art, and all things cute.

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Alexia Giordano by Emily Soto | Makeup by Caroline Madison | Styling Fiori Couture |

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are you kidding me?

Still can’t handle this gif.

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A requested photo, here you go :) 

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O K BUT what about instead of playing dead Loki ends up helping Thor defeat Malekith for whatever other seedy purpose he has previously concocted and when the dust has settled Thor appears all bruised and bloody and the air smells electric like an imminent thunderstorm and Loki can’t help but get super duper turned on by this accidental display and Thor has been sporting a mega boner all the while because there is enemy blood giving color to his not-brother’s pale cheeks and it’s been a really long time since they fought side-by-side and lo they end up making out enthusiastically in the middle of Greenwich and that’s how TDW should’ve ended.

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Stop using dark sorcery to makeout with your fake not-brother Loki

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The table is set, but who is sitting at its head?



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